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    Set "maxSession" of an MDB using XML instead of Annotations

    Hushen Savani Novice



      I having an application developed on the apis of Hornetq-2.2.5 with AppServer JBossAS-5.1.0. And with EJB3 implementaion.


      I am trying to set "maxSession" parameter of an MDB using xml instead of annotations. I've set the following parameters


      In standardjboss.xml :


      1) maxSession -> 20 in jms-message-inflow-driven-bean <invoker-proxy-binding>

      2) MaximumSize -> 20 in message-driven-bean <invoker-proxy-binding>


      In ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml


      1) maxSize -> 20 in Message Driven Bean <domain> for Pool Annotation.


      But, the changes are not reflected, max session are created as 15, which is the default value of the maxSession of an MDB. According to following JBoss Doc, http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_Enterprise_Application_Platform/5/html/HornetQ_User_Guide/ch32s03.html


      it says that, in order the changes to be reflected, you need to set the maxSession parameter either on the resource adapter itself or via an an Activation Config Property on the MDB itself.


      I tried digging out the Hornetq Resource Adapter (ra.xml), but I find no clue where to set it. Pl. have a pointers on the same.