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    Get JBOSS ESB Variables in jBPM ActionHandler

    Sergey Kuptsov Newbie

      The question is how I can get mapped variable in jBPM ActionHandler?(f.e. from executionContext)


      I start jbpm process from esb with mapping variables:


      <action name="create_new_process_instance"
                          <property name="command" value="StartProcessInstanceCommand" />
                          <property name="process-definition-name" value="process"/> 
                          <property name="esbToBpmVars">
                             <mapping esb="body.fullname" bpm="fullname" />
                             <mapping esb="messageContent" bpm="bpmMessageContent" /> 
                             <mapping esb="BODY_CONTENT" bpm="theBody" /> 

      When i go to the ActionHandler class on some node in jBPM process i can't get this variables.


      In a way like this:

      public void execute(ExecutionContext executionContext) throws Exception{

      I get false.