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    Setting the URL in JBoss AS 7

    mrober Newbie

      Hi, all,


      I'm a bit confused on how to set the URL. Let me explain...


      I understand how to modify the path for deployed WAR files in the jboss-web.xml file. It seems to me that in order to get a deployed WAR to default to a URL, you would do something like this:






      However, that doesn't work at all. Furthermore, I can't seem to find any information regarding this. I'm not interested in DNS mapping, I just want to be able to go to (for example) and directly access my site on port 80. It will be internally-facing only.


      I've also tried virtual host setup, but the sparse information that exists for AS 7 doesn't seem to work at all (and I'm not certain that's what I want to do anyway).


      I'm a developer, not an administrator, so a lot of this is new to me. Thanks very much for your assistance.