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    Infinispan hangs on startup using JGroups RELAY

    dsb Newbie

      We are testing using Infinispan (5.0.1.FINAL) using 2 sites bridged with the JGroups RELAY protocol. We are having an issue when we start the first node in the second site.


      Site A with 4 nodes comes up. When then bring up the first node on Site B. Node 1 in Site B then hangs inside DistributionManagerImpl:


      at org.infinispan.distribution.DistributionManagerImpl.waitForJoinToComplete(DistributionManagerImpl.java:228)


      An interesting log entry we see from the Coordinator on Site A is the following:


      o.i.d.DistributionManagerImpl] - Coordinator: Ignoring old push completed confirmation for view 1, last view is 4


      I'm looking for guidance on where to start looking to see what might be happening.