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    It doesn't reload the collection in datatable[upgrade from rf3.3.3 to rf4.1]

    Lu Han Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I met an issue about the collection refresh.

      When I delete one row and then go to the same page, the model collection doesn't refresh.


      Firstly, I like to show my code:


      This is the datatable code:


      <rich:dataTable id="itemList" width="100%" rows="#{groupsBean.pageSize}" value="#{groupsBean.groupList}" var="group" rowClasses="tb_row_1,tb_row_2">





      This is the java code, this class is a viewscoped one:



      public class GroupsBean extends DirectoryBean {

        private ArrayList<Group> groupList;


        protected void freshList() {


             groupList = groupHandler.getAllGroup(memberId, getPageIndex(), pageSize);




      I have to change the code as the below, it will work well:


                protected void freshList() {


                     ArrayList<Group> list = groupHandler.getAllGroup(memberId, getPageIndex(), pageSize);






      I suppose, it's jsf2 mechanism of the page state.

      Do you have some idea to solve this issue?



      Eric Han