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    Jboss Native Service Issue with Jboss 3.2.5 and JDK 1.6 64 bit

    Zeeshan Qureshi Newbie



      I have recently faced an issue in Jbossnative service, It behaves very strangly on high volume of traffic. On further investigation, i found out that application was working fine, but it was not taking huge number of transactions.  Clients were unable to connect and unable to send any traffic.


      I doubt that, Jboss native service is not compatible either with windows 2008 R2 or JBoss 3.2.5.  I have also provided the infrastructure details below.


      Can any body please provide expert comment?


      Old Setup

      Java Wrapper JDK 1.4 32 bit

      Windows 2008

      Jboss 3.2.5


      New Setup

      Jbossnative service 2.0.9 X64 with JDK 1.6 64 bit

      Windows 2008 R2

      Same Jboss 3.2.5



      Zeeshan Qureshi