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    JBoss Application could not be started

    Adrian Castaneda Newbie



      I'm new to JBoss and I'm hoping someone here could shed some light to my issue. 


      I have a doc management (OpenKM) that is run with JBoss 4.2.3.  I was able to setup JBoss as a service in Windows (SBS 2003) without any issues. I'm able to net start/stop the service at any time without any issues. 


      I wanted to backup the repository to a tape drive via Symantec Backup Exec 2010.  I was able to set the pre and post commands to work with the net start/stop commands.  Reason for this is the repository is locked while the service is running, I have to stop the service in order to run the backup. 


      On my initial test, the backup worked just fine, the second go around, the backup is fine again and the service starts fine again, then after a few hours I have a windows service error.  From here I'm unable to start/stop the jboss service.  The only way to clear it, is to restart the server. 


      If I skip the start/stop, I can use the run.bat file and everything works fine without the restart.  The error doesn't reappear again until the second backup, it always works after the first backup.   The backup is only taking 3 minutes, I would figure this is sufficient time for the pre and post commands without any errors or time issues.    I'm unable to use the run.log files as it is only showing the information from the last successful run.  No error in the shutdown log as well, seems that the when the service goes down, it is never recorded to the shutdown log. 


      Any ideas would be appreciated, this restart of the server is getting annoying and I can't just use the run.bat file since I have to have it shutdown for a period of time for the backup and when I logoff the server, it goes down anyways.