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    Bug Richfaces and SSL

    Guillermo Rodriguez Newbie

      This is a follow up to my previous post. This time I'm including a sample portlet with source code.

      I have found JBoss + Richfaces behave strangely under SSL. It behaves correctly under http but when SSL is enabled then it wont work in Chrome or Firefox.

      The source code is a Maven project so it includes a POM. I have also included the Eclipse 3.5 project. The portlet is ready to deploy in JBoss Portal 2.7.2. It should generate a new portlet instance so it should be easy to add to a page.


      This portlet will create a small list. When the portlet starts, it will display a (GroupRulePortletBean created)message. This message is displayed whenever the backing bean is created. In http this should be the only time the message is displayed.

      But when using SSL, if you click on the list you can see on the JBoss output how a new (GroupRulePortletBean created) message is displaye meaning that a new backing bean is created. THis will happen only once, then the two beans will be ative.

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          Guillermo Rodriguez Newbie

          Now, if you click the table, an a4j support object handles the click and sends an event to the backing bean. This is captured in a function and it should print the id and name in the row. Again, in plain http this works fine, but when using SSL the methos will display - How it is possible the table has no records???? - which is weird because I clicked on a record in order to call the event.

          Try it, if you consider this justifies opening a bug submission then tell me how to do it.


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            Guillermo Rodriguez Newbie

            If anybody got the file. I just noticed it was compiled against 3.2.2 by mistake. Anyway I have updated the library to 3.3.2GA and the problem is still there.

            Please somebody help!