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    Regex Content Based Routing Question

    David Cook Newbie

      I'm new to JBoss ESB and I'm trying to get the regex content-based-router to work.  Basically I have several different types of fixed-length files that I want to route to different transformers based on their content.


      The fun_cbr quickstart and the documentation (Section are both pretty clear on the syntax.


      I have a file listener set up listening to a local folder (that works because I'm System PrintLn the file to the console and I see it).


      The first line of the file looks like this:





      My CBR action looks like the following:





















      action class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.ContentBasedRouter" name="TraqsReportType">



      <property name="cbrAlias" value="Regex"/>



      <property name="ruleLanguage"/>



      <property name="ruleReload" value="true"/>



      <property name="destinations">



      <route-to destination-name="Payroll" service-category="Payroll" service-name=expression="1540RP10" />



      <route-to destination-name="ER" service-category="ER" service-name="ER" expression="1540ER"/>








      When the file referenced above get dropped into the watch folder, my previous action in the action chain properly displays the message on the console and then my content-based router action generates the following error message

      16:04:13,516 ERROR [ContentBasedWiretap] No rule destination(s) [ER, Payroll] were matched, . Please fix your configuration and/or routing rules.


      I've tried switching to a regex-rules.properties and even tried .* as a regex to match and I always get the No rule destinations were matched error.


      I'm clearly missing something fundamental, but I don't know what it is.






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          Tom Cunningham Master

          <route-to destination-name="Payroll" service-category="Payroll" service-name=expression="1540RP10" />


          Didn't take a long look at this but service-name=expression= obviously a problem.       If you fix that does it help?

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            David Cook Newbie

            DOH! Sorry to waste time with that silly typo.  Unfortunately that wasn't the issue.  Still getting same errors.  I'm sure, it's some basic knob I haven't turned the right way, but I can't find the right knob or the right way to turn it.


            I've attached my complete jboss.esb file rather than trying to copy and paste it in.



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              Tom Cunningham Master

              Okay, it looks like the problem is your expressions.      This is what is being tested :


                              return regexExpression.matcher((CharSequence) objectToTest).matches();


              where objectToTest is the file contents and regexExpression is your expression as a java.util.regex.Pattern, which are somewhat different from Perl-style regexes.      I bet if you compile a small example program focusing on testing your input and regexes with  just that line above, you could have this worked out in minutes.