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    rich:dataScroller customization - page jump inputText

    jlpktnst Newbie

      Pages facet not working, I know this is a bug already reported and in JIRA, I am just curious regarding workarounds.

      Anyway, for now I have just put the paging controls outside the scroller, but that is no beauty...

      Q1) I have a simple input field for jumping to a specific page. I'd have that in in the "pages" facet if possible.


      Another problem is filtering, since I did not define my own DataModel I cannot control this. BUT datascroller gets its number of pages somewhere. Can I just tap into that somehow? I need the number of pages to refresh after filtering. Is there a way for me to access the same data dataScroller gets? I was even thinking of changing dataScroller code a bit but the process of preparing a build environment seems daunting (couldn't find the manual how to do it

      in eclipse).

      Q2) Get number of pages to correctly reflect situation after filtering. Possibly with no custom DataModel.


      Suggestions? I've highlighted the Q1 and Q2 so they stand out from my ramblings.