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    Here is how to have immediateUpload in rich:fileUpload in RichFaces 4.0.0

    maze_fr Newbie

      Hello happy fellows,


      I needed to have immediateUpload.

      And also I neeed to check if the uploaded file is in the accepted types list in order to warn the user.

      Actualy, if you try to upload a file not in the accepted types list, nothing happens... which is a little stupid.


      So I made my version of fileUpload component and here is how to do your own. I won't be your architect, so you decide in what folder you put the sources, I won't tell you. I'm sure there is a more simple way, but that's the way I did it.

      You need :

      • RicheFaces 4.0.0.Final sources
      • RicheFaces CDK 4.0.0.Final (there are only sources in it, so...)
      • Your own custom taglib XML déclaration file


      From RF sources, in "artifacts" folder, search for files containing "fileUpload". From that list, you have to :


      1 - copy / paste the déclaration of fileUpload component from RF tablib to your custom taglib

      2 - copy / paste the déclaration of fileUpload component from RF faces-config to your own

      3 - copy / paste the déclaration of HTML_BASIC render kit from RF faces-config to your own

      4 - copy / paste the déclaration fileupload.js and fileupload.ecss to your "resources" directory

      5 - copy / paste AbstractFileUpload, UIFileUpload, FileUploadRenderer and FileUploadHandler classes to your project.


      Here, it will ask you the CDK for CDK annotation use.

      You have 2 solutions : add the CDK annotation sources to ur project or, with maven, add this to your POM file :









      6 - in all the pieces of code you copied / pasted, replace all references to RF classes that you copied / pasted to the classes you copied / pasted.


      It doesn't sound very clear, I know. So in a more detailed way, here are where you have to make changes :

      • cutom taglib : <handler-class>
      • faces-config : <component-class>, <cdk:base-class>, <cdk:handler-class> and <renderer-class>
      • in your Java classes, I guess you can find on your own what are the imports to replace, but also you need to replace :
        • AbstractFileUpload : @JsfComponent handler


      7 - replace the "types" by your owns. In a more detailed way :

      • cutom taglib : <component-type> and <renderer-type>
      • faces-config : <component-type>, <component-family> and <renderer-type>
      • in your Java classes :
        • AbstractFileUpload : @JsfRenderer, COMPONENT_TYPE and COMPONENT_FAMILY
        • UIFileUpload : COMPONENT_TYPE, COMPONENT_FAMILY and setRendererType


      8 - point to the good resources. In FileUploadRenderer, change the "library" of fileupload.ecss and fileupload.js to the folder where u put them.


      From now it will get easier (code to copy / paste or delete).


      9 - remove useless CSS code that has been forgotten : in fileupload.ecss, remove the line "height: 210px; /*TODO Remove it*/"... yes, I found it funny too...


      10 - add missing code to the JS file :

      • in "init" function, add the event "onadd" (it's the way I called it, choose your own way if you) at the end :

                if (this.onadd) {

                      richfaces.Event.bind(this.element, "onadd", new Function("event", this.onadd));


      • in "__addItem" function, in the last if, add the following pieces of code :
        • before the end of the if :

                     if (this.immediateUpload) {



        • at the end of the if :
          else {

                      richfaces.Event.fire(this.element, "onadd", fileName);


      11 - now in the tag lib, add the attributes :










      12 - in faces-config, add the properties :


                  <description>Javascript code executed when the add button is

                  clicked over this element.</description>

                  <display-name>Add Button Click Script</display-name>

                  <icon />




                      <cdk:event-name default="false">add</cdk:event-name>























      13 - in the Java classes :

      • AbstractFileUpload :

                @Attribute(events = @EventName("add"))

                public abstract String getOnadd();

                @Attribute(defaultValue = "false")

                public abstract boolean isImmediateUpload();

      • UIFileUpload :
        • in EVENT_NAMES, add the envent "add"
        • in Properties, ad the porperties : "immediateUpload" and "onadd"
        • add the getters and setters :

                         public String getOnadd() {

                             String value = (String) getStateHelper().eval(Properties.onadd);

                             return value;


                         public void setOnadd(String onadd) {

                             getStateHelper().put(Properties.onadd, onadd);


                         public boolean isImmediateUpload() {

                             Boolean value = (Boolean) getStateHelper().eval(Properties.immediateUpload, false);

                             return value;


                         public void setImmediateUpload(boolean immediateUpload) {

                             getStateHelper().put(Properties.immediateUpload, immediateUpload);


      • FileUploadRenderer, in ATTRIBUTES_FOR_SCRIPT_HASH41 :

                  .generic("immediateUpload", "immediateUpload").defaultValue(false)

                  .generic("onadd", "onadd", "add");


      That should be enough.

      Have fun !


      If anyone manage to find how to hide the "+ add" button when doing immediateUpload, I'm very interested.