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    JBoss maven repo for contributions?

    Georg Öttl Newbie



      Lets say I had a ready to deploy contribution for the legacy jbpm3 framework. My first thought was - lets try to deploy it to the central maven repo. I figured out that currently you can't deploy to the central maven repo, as long as there are dependencies to jbpm3-jpdl. The central upload policy is, that all dependencies have to be in the repo, and the jbpm3-jpdl module isnt.  Hm. Next thought - lets deplyo it to the jboss maven repo. I looked around and I could not find any description of how to deploy anything to the jboss repo. hm. I'm stuck here ... Are   contributions possible anyhow?


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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi georg,

          Are you trying to share with the community some jbpm3 improvements?

          What are those improvements doing? You cannot just upload the binaries and share that. You usually create a jira issue in jira.jboss.org that describe the problems and the improvements and attach a patch to solve them. Then one of the people responsible to maintain jbpm3 will review your patch and I everything is ok, he will merge that with the latest source code.


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            Georg Öttl Newbie

            Thanks for your answer.


            I think what I want to do is to improve jbpm3 without changing the source code(http://code.google.com/p/jbpm-guice/). So to speak I tried to use the process.class.loader.factory to actually replace the jbpm class instantiation mechanism without the need to change the core source code. However, my initial question and thus my assumption that it is not possible to upload jar's to the meaven central repo that have transitive dependencies that are not in the maven central repo (e.g. jbpm3-jpdl) was wrong. It seems to be okay to add the jboss repo to your artefact. I could upload my artifact to the maven central repo and have now the dependency