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    about rich:extendedDataTable

    Riana Perez Lopez Newbie

      Hi, I have a problem with richfaces 3.3.3.


      I use rich:extendedDataTable and his attributes not working for me. For example:


      <rich:extendedDataTable id="dtp"


                              value="#{listbean.listObj}" var="lis" align="center"


                              rows="10" border="1" width="995px" height="342px"


                              rowClasses="impair,pair" headerClass="headerTablas"


                              selectionMode="single" selectedClass="p"














          /*This is for rows's colors of extendedDataTabla */


      .impair{background-color: #ffffff}


      .pair{background-color: #e6e6e6}




      /*This is for rows's colors of extendedDataTabla for select a row*/


      .rf-edt-r-sel{color: #e56e33;}


      .rich-edt-r-act{color: #e6e6e6;}




      Now, when I which see the row selected for make any function(i need see the row selected mandatorily), i don't see anything, because the rowClasses not reveals the style that has the rich:extendedDataTable for deafault for select any rows.


      Please any body can help me. i need that rapidly.