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    Replication of selected fields in a cache

    Sudheer Krishna Novice

      I have a use case where i do not want all fields of teh cache to be replicated.  Also in my usecase there is a single node which writes into these fields whoch are not replicated. But there are other nodes which may write into these fields.


      So what i have done is i have marked these fields(which do not require ) transient , which stops it from being replicated.BUt i face the following issue.


      When teh current nodes writes into cache this is fine , but when other nodes update teh cache, as pat of teh replication , these non transient fields also get overriden. Is there a better way of doing this ?



      One option is to make teh non replicable fields into another seperate local cache.BUt this will require quite soem effoert from our side in terms of refactoring. Is there a easier solution for this ?