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    How to stop users accessing JBoss services until loaded completely

    Phil Murphy Newbie

      We have a JBoss [EAP] 5.1.0 system that maintains an application.

      There are thick java clients accessing the system on a LAN as well as external web clients.


      If I need to restart JBoss, because of an unforseen error, how can I stop users accessing the services until all services are loaded correctly.


      Type of error I get, for example:

      2011-12-09 15:40:18,554 [giver.util.SysHandler] INFO  - Caught exceptionjavax.ejb.EJBException: Unexpected Error

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class au.qwe.sa.giver.managers.client.security.SystemUser


      Once this error is generated, it does NOT correct itself. Another restart is required to try and fix it.


      It appears that my users are trying to access the service before they are completely loaded from their thick clients.

      We can suppress web clients but not LAN clients


      If the services load correctly, we do NOT get the above error.


      Is there any way to stop users trying to access the application service until all services are loaded correctly?


      Environment is Solaris 10 zones to a local firewall is not an option.