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    Navigating to 2nd rich:tab when there is error thrown by rich:message in 1st rich:tab

    Vikas V Newbie



      Am using Richfaces 3.3 , JSF 1.2 , Jboss AS 5.1.0.


      I have 2 rich:tabs as below,



      <rich:tabPanel width="100%" headerAlignment="left">

      <rich:tab label="Tab1" >



        <ui:include src="firstPage.xhtml" />



      <rich:tab label="Tab2" >



        <ui:include src="secondPage.xhtml" />






      In my firstPage.xhtml am taking input from user and validating the input using rich:message.


      When there is an error in the input entered by the user, I cant click on the 2nd rich:tab and view secondPage.xhtml.


      I guess until I get rid of the error message (may be inputting correct input) I cant see the page in Tab2.


      How can I get this working. My requirement is even when there is an error thrown in Tab1 (by rich:message) I should be able to click on Tab2

      and view secondPage.xhtml