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    Startup error in cluster - (Handle join - failed)

    veramanathan Newbie

      Hi All,

      We have two Jboss(Version 4.0.5.GA) servers in a cluster, ServerA and ServerB in a cluster.ServerA is the primary and ServerB is secondary. We used same multicast address and the clustering is happening properly. We usually shutdown and startup both servers daily once , in a 15 minutes interval time between these two servers.During this daily activity we noticed the following issue.


      When ServerA is Starting up it throws handle retrying error "[ClientGmsImpl] handleJoin(ServerA : Nport) failed, retrying"  during this time ServerB is active. When the 15 mins time is reached, we tried to shutdown ServerB.The moment ServerB is down in the same cluster, ServerA is up and running fine. After that ServerB also Started without any errors and joined the cluster.


      Can you let me know the reason why we are getting "[ClientGmsImpl] handleJoin(ServerA : Nport) failed, retrying" Error in restarting a Node in Cluster?.

      How to avoid this error?


      Please advice.



      Velu R