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    messaging with transaction in jboss_esb process pipeline

    mani v Newbie


      If anyone has sample program for below requirement esb, kindly provide as soon as possible.


      1. configuration jms_secured bus id with jms_gateway in jboss_esb file ( i have it).

      2. inside actions i have database interaction with xml message i receive from jms_gateway queue.

      3. With successfull db operation i should commit and consume message from jms_gateway queue.

      4. If in failure case i should rollback db operation as well as should persist back message to jms_gateway queue for certain time (eg:- 3 times). then sent that particular message to dlq.


      here :-

      i am able to configure jms-provider and listener with 1 queue as jms_gateway and other one as jms_secured queue.

      but how can i merge esb queue message with db action txn with pipline..