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    equiv of tomcat /shared/ location for jboss

    darren hartford Expert

      hey all,

      I ask a long time ago on the jboss as forum (or maybe stackoverflow, I don't recall now) about if you had a spring-based application such as alfresco (and many others, not just alfresco) where:


      1) the application usually has a .war binary deploy.

      2) the configs are usually located in a tomcat_home/shared/  location  (usually under /shared/classes/myconfig.properties for example).


      This allowed the application .war binary to be updated/replaced regularly without loosing your current configurations stored in the /shared/ location.


      However, I never found out how to deploy these kinds of applications to jboss with the same level of agility - binary war's get updated regularly, while configs are still elsewhere in the equivalent of tomcat_home/shared/.  This would avoid the need of requiring exploded war deployments that would require re-applying of configs after .war updates.


      Could someone enlighten me please :-)