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    need jboss-deployment-structure.xml example code !

    Joseph Hwang Novice

      My development environ is jboss 7.0.2 and eclipse indigo. My deployment directory archit. is like below :



                             |--- EJBHelloWorld.jar


      To link war and jar folders I made jboss-deployment-structure.xml in META-INF folder of EJBHelloWorldWeb.war

      Below codes are example I made. But parse is definetly failed!


      <jboss-deployment-structure xmlns="urn:jboss:deployment-structure:1.0">

            <module name="EJBHelloWorld.jar">
                  <path name="EJBHelloWorld.jar" value="." />
                <resource-root path="EJBHelloWorld.jar" />



      I can hardly find example code of jboss-deployment-structure.xml even in google.com

      Kindly inform me of your advice. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!

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          tom masi Newbie

          my parser fails too. Mine reports this: Unexpected content of type 'element start', name is 'deployments', text is: 'null'

          on a deployment element being as follows:



              <deployment name="oambackend.jar">


                      <module name="uk.co.westhawk.snmp" />

                      <module name="org.apache.shiro" slot="main" meta-inf="export" />








          could you kindly help me? Thanks a lot.