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    Using jQuery for Hiding/Showing RichFaces Components on Radio Clicked

    cooldownthethroat Newbie

      I am trying to integrate jQuery into my JSF+RF3.3.3 web appplication. My purpose is when a user click on Radio Button certain form components should be hidden/shown based on the value of the Radio Button Clicked..


      I am using <rich:jquery> tag to get the desired effect..However I am not very aware of the <rich:jquery> tag and wahtever examples are present on the web are insufficient for me to get around this problem..


      Can anyone please guide me on how to acheive this...


      Please have a look at the code snippet:-


      Radio Button Code:-


      <h:selectOneRadio id="Radio"  border="0" label="Name" value="#{bean.functionName}" required="true" styleClass="intro" onchange="showNameList()" >
      <f:selectItem id="All" itemValue="All" itemLabel="All" />
      <f:selectItem id="region" itemValue="Region" itemLabel="Region" />


      Components to HIDE/SHOW.


      <h:outputLabel value="RegionList *" id="region" styleClass="intro" escape="false" />
      <h:outputLabel value=" : " styleClass="intro" id="colonLabel" escape="false" />
      <rich:listShuttle id="calListShuttle" sourceValue="#{Bean.SourceList}" targetValue="#{Bean.targetList}" var="itemsRegion" fastOrderControlsVisible="false" orderControlsVisible="false" targetRequired="true" >
      <rich:column >

      <h:outputLabel value="#{itemsRegion}"/>
      </rich:column >                                


      Can anyone help me with jQuery tag of RF3.3.3