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    how to prevent jboss from logging logs into my application log file

    Vedanth K R Newbie

      Am using log4j to log the contents of my application in the hard drive(not inside jboss logs server).

      But the log file contains all the jboss start up messages along with my application log messages, but i want only my application logs to be there in my log file and jboss logs in logs/server.log file.


      Can i achive this??


      The logger code and configuration which i have used in my application is:




      private static  Logger log=Logger.getRootLogger();


           public static void configure(String configFileName)






      Configuration file contents:



      log4j.rootLogger = DEBUG, rollingFile





      log4j.appender.rollingFile.layout = org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout

      log4j.appender.rollingFile.layout.ConversionPattern= %-5p %d - %m%n