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    Modeshape 2.6 how to avoid loading binary content in memory ...

    Claudiu Muresan Newbie



        We have problems when trying to delete nodes from the repository especially when those nodes contain binary content. As we are using JPA connector with Oracle database server, we retrieved statistics and we have seen that a simple delete from mode_simple_node or mode_large_values takes less than a second but our delete operation lasts for more than a couple of seconds. When activating the Hibernate logging to DEBUG, we have observed that many SQL queries are generated during a delete operation, queries that add overhead like for example there's a query that loads binary content into memory. If by chance you have a couple of nodes with binary content and that binary size is quite high it takes up time to load the data into memory and also consumes heap space.

         We want to avoid loading binary data in memory.

        Is there a possibility to do that? If not can it be added in the next releases so that binary content is loaded in memory by Modeshape only if requested through an option added to mode:source definition for JPA connector?