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    Setting username/password on SFTPEpr?

    Dennis Buttery Newbie

      Hi all,


         I am building a custom MessageComposer based on RemoteFileMessageComposer and ScheduledEventMessageComposer.


         The remote file will be obtained using SFTP on a scheduled cron timer ...


         In my initialize() method I am using the ListenerUtil to assemble the EPR (which is a SFTPEpr of course).


         Once I have the SFTPEpr I am using setUserName() and setPassword on that object.


         Now...   In the composeMessage() method I use the RemoteFileSystemFactory to obtain the RemoteFileSystem and connect.


         I am getting an exception thrown from the SecureFTPImpl stating "No username specified for SFTP".


         I echoed the username/password from the SFTPEpr prior to making the RFS call and see that they are indeed present.


         So...  Why is it that the RFS is unable to see/use the credentials that were set on the EPR?