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    retreive a task's assignee


      In the context of a human task in a process running on jbpm 5.1/5.2, how can I get the value of the task's assignee - for example in an on entry or on exit action? 

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          Tom, you can get it with following onExit definition, with assumption that you are looking for ActorId, similar you can get group assignment as well (GroupId):

                  <tns:onExit-script scriptFormat="http://www.java.com/java">
                    System.out.println("User of the task " + ((org.jbpm.workflow.instance.node.WorkItemNodeInstance)kcontext.getNodeInstance()).getWorkItem().getParameter("ActorId"));


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            This worked perfectly, thanks.  Note that "ActorId" needs to be quoted in the code above.  The quotes were probably removed by the forum software.