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    rich:editor and rich:picklist in 4.1 Final

    Philippe Kuehn Newbie


      i was using 4.1 M1 and upgraded to 4.1 Final, and now i have two issues.


      First, the rich:picklist in my page make my page crash at render, with a  "

      java.lang.NullPointerException: Argument Error: Parameter key is null" error. here is a code example for my list


      <rich:pickList value="#{reunionHandler.reunionParticipants}"

                                                      rendered="#{reunionHandler.formsEditable}" columnVar="user"

                                                      addAllText="&gt;&gt;" addText=" &gt;" removeText=" &lt;"

                                                      removeAllText="&lt;&lt;" sourceCaption="#{msg.disponibles}"


                                                      <f:converter converterId="VmprojectUserConverter" />


                                                          value="#{reunionHandler.reunionParticipantsPossibles}" />




      And i also have a problem with all the rich:editor in my pages. They were working just fine before, but now at load they are displaying only the HTML code, not the formatted text. And they don't seem to save correctly the entered text.