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    Unable to complete the process of sample project(Perfromance Evaluation)

    Karthikeyan Sekar Newbie

      Hi All,

                I am working on jBPM5.2 and trying to execute a sample project (performance evaluation).In jBPM console,I had logged in as krisv and made self evaluation Then, I had logged in as john and evaluated krisv .Then I had logged in as mary and evaluated krisv.when I logged is as mary I got the following error as follows




      2011-12-15 15:26:15,022 [FATAL] Uncaught Exception:
      empty argument

          at Unknown.dA(JsArrayString.java:42)
          at Unknown.jHb(StackTraceCreator.java:366)
          at Unknown.iS(JSONParser.java:48)
          at Unknown.Fyc(DTOParser.java:347)
          at Unknown.pGc(LoadActivityDiagramAction.java:65)
          at Unknown.Ewc(AbstractRESTAction.java:86)
          at Unknown.nN(Request.java:287)
          at Unknown.VN(RequestBuilder.java:393)
          at Unknown.anonymous(XMLHttpRequest.java:258)
          at Unknown.kz(Impl.java:146)
          at Unknown.anonymous(Impl.java:56)
      Please help me regarding this issue.
      Thanks in advance...............
      Karthikeyan Sekar