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    rhq 4.2.0 & secured jboss as 7 - connection problem and failed status.

    De Smet Christophe Newbie



      I'm importing a default JBoss AS 7-standalone (jboss-as-web-7.0.2.Final) into RHQ4.2.0 without any problems.


      After securing the 'management' interface of Jboss (using the security-realm="PropertiesMgmtSecurityRealm) and modifying 'connection settings' accordingly ( user/password) in RHQ, RHQ shows Jboss as down.


      Removing the security-realm and RHQ shows JBoss UP.


      Is it a bug in rhq authentication mechanism against Jboss?


      Rk: other metrics beside Jboss are ok (i mean OS, cpu, FS, Network, rhq-agent, etc...)