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    jsFunction not showing status

    Some Kid Newbie


      I have a couple of a4j:actionButtons that incorporate a jsFunctions as well. On both I have a status attribute pointing to the same status panel.

      The problem is that the status panel is only displayed while the action function of a4j:commandButton is being executed, but it's not displayed while the action of jsFunction is being executed.

      Here's an example of such a command button:

      <a:commandButton id="btnTest" value="Test" eventsQueue="qTest"
       action="#{testHome.testAction}" status="waitStatus"
       // do something
       }" >
       <a:jsFunction name="tesFunc" action="#{testHome.anotherAction}"
       status="waitStatus" eventsQueue="qTest"/>

      Could someone please tell me whether that's a normal behavior, there's a RF bug or there's something wrong with my components.