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    RSS feeds for ESB

    darren hartford Expert

      Hey all,

      First real time with the JbossESB, hopefully I didn't pick a poor scenario...


      I'm trying to get an RSS feed (from a predictable location) that in the RSS feed will provide a hyperlink to point to a XML file to load (the location of the XML file is unpredictable, other than it coming from the link in the RSS feed).


      Note: there is a new XML link randomly through history, so the 'trigger event' is for when a new XML link comes through.


      After the XML is retrieved, then process the XML for further action.


      I'm currently stuck on the RSS feed...how do you pull that off in JbossESB, or am I using JbossESB incorrectly?


      I see RSS feeder for Mule (although they want you to use a new approach), started with an HTTP listener, but I'm getting a litte lost and feeling a little non-intuitive in setting up JbossESB for this feature.


      p.s. using the most recent Jboss Developer Studio with the ESB project.


      Thanks for any guidance!


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          Tom Cunningham Master

          One way to do it might be Schedule Listener (for polling) + HttpRouter + SmooksAction to get the information you want out.       Another way to do it would be to look at the Camel Gateway and use Camel's RSS support.     I think you have a few different options here.