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    CIFS (windows shares) polling/listener

    darren hartford Expert

      Hey all,

      still new to JbossESB, but I'm just doing a cursory review of other modules that we might be interested in using as well as the RSS item (different forum post).


      I'm having problems finding a way to do a CIFS (windows share) poller/listener as well (specifcally from a linux ESB server).  Just making sure I'm not having incorrect expectations, I did find reference in ServiceMix to support CIFS (however Mule did not).


      let me know, thanks!


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          Tom Cunningham Master

          Is mounting the share and then just using the file listener a possibility?

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            darren hartford Expert

            I recognize a Samba mount on the Linux ESB server might work in the small, but I was hoping for a little more featured.


            For example, having 10 different file systems to monitor would mean 10 mount locations, which for me personally would be a red flag if I was sysadmin on the server.  Which brings up the role-separation concern about if/when the server administrators should be aware of/involved in those ESB oriented tasks.


            Otherwise, setting up failover scenarios require additional setup for more mount locations, versus I would hope a more portable solution.  The ServiceMix guys/gals apparently are using VFS (jcifs under the covers obviously) for this approach. For small number of systems where high performance is a mandate, I think the Samba approach would be best...but is much less portable as well as greater setup time/more ppl involved for scenarios where trying-to-get-a-handle-on-a-lot-of-stuff-where-less-performance-is-ok problems.


            I'm putting together a small list of event-driven transports (the trigger/starts) across the different open source ESB's, per the past couple of questions. I can share directly or on the forum if desired, or if someone else has already done this work please share :-).



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              Tom Cunningham Master

              If VFS is a possibility, I think there's a Camel component for that, which means you could use the Camel gateway here.     There's no Camel CIFS component though - I see an open JIRA for someone to provide one, but I don't see a patch or any code committed under it.