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    how to create table which contains object-column?

    Joseph Hwang Novice

      I am develoiping simple entity-mapping project on jboss 7 and indigo.

      This is my source code :


      ======Members.java =======


      @Table(name = "family")

      public class Members implements Serializable {


          @Column(name = "EMP_ID")

          private String id ;


          @Column(name = "EMP_Passwd")

          private String passwd ;


          @Column(name = "EMP_Name")

          private String name ;



          @OneToMany(fetch=FetchType.EAGER, mappedBy="member", cascade=CascadeType.ALL)

          private List<Records> record = new ArrayList();





      @Table(name = "info")

      public class Records implements Serializable {



          @Column(name = "EMP_ID")

          private int i;


          @ManyToOne(fetch=FetchType.EAGER, cascade=CascadeType.ALL)


          private Members member;   // this is the problem....


          @Column(name = "EMP_Bank_Account")

          private String account;


          @Column(name = "EMP_Hobby")

          private String hobby;


          @Column(name = "EMP_Phone")

          private int phone;


      I try to create 2 tables(family and info). Creation of family table is succeeded but i have some problem in creation of table info.

      I don't know how to create Members column in info table. It is java obejct class.


      create table info



         Membser ????? //pls, advise me

         EMP_Bank_Account varchar(20) not null,

         EMP_Hobby varchar(20) not null,

         phone int



      Pls inform me how to create table with java-object-column!

      Best Regards,