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    problem in rendering hidden(not rendered) table on dropdown

    jsf geeks Master


      I have a page in which I have <rich:panelBar>. In second <rich:panelBarItem> I have a dropdown and an extendedDataTable. My problem is when no item is selected from dropdown, then table should not render and when anyone change or select any item from dropdown the table should be rendered. I can populate dropdown as well as table. I bind the rendered property of table with backbean, and changing it in value change of dropdown as per selection. But if I write id of table in reRender of <a4j:support> (I am using it inside <rich:comboBox>), then it won't render the table, but if I write the id of form then it will render the table but by default first <rich:panelBarItem> is selected, so it shows first <rich:panelBarItem> instead of SECOND <rich:panelBarItem>.

      What should I do to solve this problem ?

      Thanks in advance,