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    JBoss4 to JBoss6 - quartz.jar missing QuartzService class


      Hi All,

      I had been working on migrating an application from JBoss4 to 6 and has ran into an issue with the quartz scheduler library.
      Our application depends on the quartz.jar shipped by default on JBoss.
      With JBoss4(with quartz of version 1.5), the scheduling in our application was working fine. The quartz-service.xml had reference to the mbean class QuartzService.
      However, in the later versions of quartz, i see that the jars are named as quartz-all.jar, quartz-jboss.jar and quartz.jar. Where quartz-all.jar seems to include the contents of quartz.jar+quartz-jboss.jar.
      And JBoss6 seems to ship just quartz.jar(version 1.8) which does not include the QuartzService classes which are now part of quartz-jboss.jar. The service.xml referring to the QuartzService class does not find it and hence my application is failing to use scheduling.
      I have already read in forums regarding the suggestions and steps to not rely on the third party libs shipped with jboss and to ship the quartz downloaded with our application.
      However I still want to know, if in case I want to work with just the quartz.jar shipped with jboss6, is it possible to do so? What classes should I be using in my quartz-service.xml then instead of QuartzService class. Or is there any alternative configuration possible? 
      Please let me know. Thanks in advance.