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    Delta between enterprise and community branches?

    Alex Corvino Newbie

      I'm wrapping up my MOM testing and it's coming down to a horse race between one other product and HornetQ. In looking at the supported version of HornetQ in the next release of the EAP the question came up as to the delta between the enterprise and community branches. The presales people I've talked to indicated that it was a significant difference and that there were a lot of fixes going into the enterprise branch. If this is really the case then it totally changes how I'm going to have to write up my recomendations.


      Is this really true or is this the sales guy being, well, a sales guy?


      Edit: Going by the information here and here it looks like the codebase shouldn't be divergent at all when the first supported version of HornetQ releases but that it could become very divergent over time. Am I reading this correctly?

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          Andy Taylor Master

          as far as HornetQ is concerned all fixes that are added to the HornetQ branch for eap are at some point added to the AS7 branch (which is used for AS7) and trunk (which we use to release the HornetQ community edition). The caveat here is any code that is specific to integration to the platform such as security, deployers etc etc. At some point not too soon after Christmas actually we will be looking to release a community edition with any fixes etc.


          Regarding the delta you talk about be aware that currently trunk is built using maven where as the eap branch still uses Ant. This means that although the source is pretty much the same the whole directory structure is different so might skue any diffs that your looking at. Also we've refactored the test framework so again this may make a difference.

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            Alex Corvino Newbie

            Thanks Andy! That's just the information I was looking for.