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    Problem creating a new consumer in the HornetQ REST Interface

    mcaspers Newbie

      I am interested in using the HornetQ REST interface, and it works pretty much as described in http://docs.jboss.org/hornetq/2.2.2.Final/rest-interface-manual/html_single/index.html. The issue I am having is when the client crashes and the msg-consume-next URL is lost.


      According to the documentation, if you have not saved the msg-consume-next URL, the last resort is to create a new consumer. And a new consumer is apparently created by performing a POST to the http://localhost:8080/hornetq-rest-1/queues/jms.queue.YourQueueName/pull-consumers URL.


      My problem is that posting to this URL is actually returning the old, existing consumer, and quite unhelpfully providing the http://localhost:8080/hornetq-rest-1/queues/jms.queue.SkynetTopicRenderQueue/pull-consumers/attributes-0/6-queue-jms.queue.YourQueueName-1234567890123/consume-next-1 URL in the msg-consume-next header.


      So I do not seem to be able to create a new consumer, and using the msg-consume-next returned by POSTing to pull-consumers won't let me access any of the messages. At this point I am forced to let the consumer time out, or restart JBoss AS 6.


      I have attached the WAR file that contains the HornetQ REST JAR files. This can be copied into the $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy directory of a virgin AS6 installation, and you can view the problem above with the default DLQ queue.


      Is this a bug, or have I missed some configuration somewhere?