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    rich:columns sorting works only once

    Žiga Gantar Newbie

      When trying to use sorting on rich:columns it works only for the first time. No mater which column header is clicked it only works first time, other times it only issues ajax request but nothing happens. That ajax request is issued can be seen using a4j:region.

       <rich:columns value="#{resultDates}" var="date" styleClass="realCol" sortBy="#{reportComparableConverter.getComparableString(date, dsrcWrapper)}"
       <f:facet name="header">
       <h:panelGroup><g:interval-date date="#{date}"/></h:panelGroup>
       <h:panelGroup><h:outputText value="#{gemaValuesConverter.formatIntervalDate(date)}"/></h:panelGroup>
       <g:qualified-value value="#{resultDateItems[date][dsrcWrapper.dataSource]}" pattern="#{dsrcWrapper.formatPattern}"/>