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    a4j:commandLink not working inside a4j:repeat

    Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice



      I have this piece of code:


      <a4j:outputPanel id="tabsBarContainer" layout="block"



                                    <a4j:repeat id="tabsRepeat" value="#{commonDM.tabs}"


                                              <a4j:commandLink id="testRepeatCommandLink"

                                                        value="#{item.label}" styleClass="inner-tab"

                                                        actionListener="#{tabsBarController.defineCurrentView}" />





      The actionListener method called from the commandLink is never reached


      I have tried with and without the region, I have tried creating the commandLinks programatically, but neither have worked so far


      The commonDM bean is a session scoped bean and the tabsBarController is a view scoped bean


      I am using jsf2 and richfaces 4.1 final, in a jboss as 7 server


      Can anyone confirm that this is a bug or maybe am i doing something wrong ??