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    Problem adding Richfaces skins

    Miguel Villeta Newbie

      Good afternoon:


      I'm developing a Richfaces application and I'm using 4.1 version. I'm having a problem when I try to add a new created skin. I followed the Richfaces 4 guide in witch it's specified that the new skin must be named mySkin.skin.properties and adding to META-INF/skins directory. After that, I modified the web.xml, including the appropiated declaration (considering the guide):







      When I add the application to the Tomcat Server 7.0.22, and I start it, I get the next exception:


      org.richfaces.skin.SkinNotFoundException: skin with name mySkin not found.


      Looking for help in the disscusions I found this topic:




      the proposed solution works for me, that is by adding my own skin with the rest of the properties files of my application. However, I'm not sure if it's the most appropiated way to do that.


      Anybody else has other solution?


      Thank you very much in advance