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    RF 3.3.3 : <rich:suggestionbox problem inside ajaxRendered=true

    Rene Gritsch Newbie



      I know that the suggestionbox is not working inside an ajaxRendered=true outputpanel but I really need some workaround for this, I will explain why.

      For example, I have an implementation to show several, stacked modal panels. The solution for this is a seam component which stores a list of dialoghandlers, which know the model and xhtml page...



      Here is the code to rerender the ajaxRendered outputpanel.




      <h:graphicImage value="#{resources.image(refImage)}">

                         <a4j:support status="waitStatus" action="#{dynamicDialogHandler.setDialogModelAndPage(model,page)}" ignoreDupResponses="true" limitToList="false" immediate="true" ajaxSingle="true" event="onclick" />





      The modal panels are created on the server and will be opened automatically by reRender and limitToList=false

      We use this subdialogs really often and I don´t want to add something like reRender="#{dynamicDialogHandler.getCurrentModelPanelID()}"

      Is there a possibility to break the ajaxRendered=true inside the modalPanel definition ?!

      Here is the XHTML for the dynamic modal panel:




              <a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true">

                  <c:forEach items="#{dynamicDialogHandler.getDynamicDialogHandlerMap().values()}" var="dm">

                      <rich:modalPanel id="#{dialogID}" minWidth="700" autosized="true" showWhenRendered="true" rendered="#{dynamicDialogHandler.dialogActive(dialogID)}">


                          <a4j:outputPanel id="modalContent" layout="block" ajaxRendered="false">

                          <a4j:form id="dynamicDialogBoxForm#{dialogID}">

                              some richsuggestion