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RF4: is it possible to create a composite component from autocomplete?

Edilmar Alves Apprentice



I had created a JSF2 composite component from rich:calendar that worked fine.

Then, I tried to make the same logical for a rich:autocomplete, but I had a problem with autocompleteMethod.

Here is the code for the component:



    <cc:attribute name="id" /> 

    <cc:attribute name="value" /> 

    <cc:attribute name="autocompleteMethod" method-signature="java.util.List HOWTOPUTAGENERICNAME(java.lang.String)"/> 

    <cc:attribute name="converter" /> 



    <rich:autocomplete id="#{cc.attrs.id}" value="#{cc.attrs.value}"

          mode="cachedAjax" showButton="true" autofill="false"


      <f:converter converterId="#{cc.attrs.converter}"/>




There are two problems:

1) I have to put a fixed string in method-signature, and I didn't want this, I would like to create a generic method-signature, to use with many kinds of autocomplete components

2) Then, I put method-signature fixed just to test, and GlassFish arises this error: "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: wrong number of arguments"

I think the argument "event" for autocompleteMethod doesn't work.