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    Deployment order inside .EAR file

    jbossadmin_007 Newbie

      I am trying to specify deployment order inside an EAR (JBoss 5.1.0). The EAR contains a WAR, JARs, and Spring artifacts (.Spring archives). I list the .EAR file modules inside the /myEar.ear/META-INF/application.xml file. Then I place "<module-order>strict</module-order>" inside the /myEar.ear/META-INF/jboss-app.xml file. JBoss will then deploy the .EAR contents in the order specified in the application.xml. This works with the WARs and JARs; however, when I put Spring artifacts inside the .EAR, JBoss doesnt adhere to the "<module-order>strict</module-order>". Is there something special I need to do with Spring archives. How do you specify order with .Spring, WARs, and JARs inside an EAR?