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    AuditSync is called from a different thread when using JBoss JTS

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          I'm using Envers 1.2.2 in a application deployed in a EAP 5.1.1 that uses distributed transactions (JBoss JTS).


          I created a profile based on the server/all and executed the ant script situated in jboss-as/docs/examples/transactions to configure the JBoss JTS.


          My application works fine until the class AuditSync is invoked in another thread named RequestProcessor (that I think is related with Jacorb) for transactional syncronization. After that my custom RevisionListener is invoked but all informations from the original thread is lost since is created a new one.


          I'm using JBoss Seam and I can not get a Identity instance via Component.getInstance because is throwed a IllegalStateException: No application context active.


          If my applications is dpeloyed in a profile without the JBoss TS configurations it works fine.


          Any idea ? Somebody already used Envers in a distributed scenario like this one ?


          I executed a lot of tests and looks like this scenario is not supported by Envers. is this true ?


      Best regards,

      Pedro Igor