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    BPM-end - to end modeling

    Bhargav Desai Newbie

      Hi ,


             How Jbpm can be used for end - to - end modeling where Business and IT professionals are able to participate actively and proactively in the business process improvement from the definition/modeling phase to the implementation and monitoring part of the overall program ?






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          Bhargav Desai Newbie

          Are any collaboration methods available for the same... ??




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            Mauricio Salatino Master

            The idea of keeping your process definitions inside a Knowledge Based Repository (Drools Guvnor) and using tools like the Process Designer oriented to end users allows the collaboration between technical people and business analyst to continously improve the knowledge resources. remember that Drools Guvnor also keeps your models, rules, events definitions, global functions, etc with your processes. So it depends on how many of this metaphors do you want to use in order to define how to create the right collaboration method for you.


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              Stephen McConnell Newbie

              jBPM is a runtime engine aligned with the BPMN spec. which means that I (as a guy in a suit) can reward and understand the logic of a business process. It also means that I (as a guy in jeans) can configure that process to deal with the activation of digital services, respond to and fire digital events, etc. jBPM comes with a bunch of tools that deal with the concerns you have raised. More important is the fact that you don't need to depend on jBPM tools - because there are are a bunch of other tools out there that play with the same standard definition.


              A more demanding question concerns compliance to those standards.