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    GateIn 3.1 and Vaadin 6.7.3




      please accept my apologise if it not the right place...


      I would like to use Vaadin framework my portlet project deployed under GateIn but I'm facing a big refreshing problem : the first time the portlet is installed or the first time the portal is started, everything is fine : the portlet is working. But if I change portlet window mode, or portal page layout, its contents is not painted anymore, showing an undefined progress indicator for ever !!!, until a restartApplication or browser refresh is done.


      Implementing PortletLinstener showed that the first time, these methods are called in sequence : init (from Vaadin Application class), handleRenderRequest then handleResourceRequest. handleResourceRequest is called with an UIDL resource ID, which as far as I understand is a UI definition. But now if portlet window is changing state for any reason, only handleRenderRequest is called.


      I've tried to force a repaint in handleRenderRequest using for instance (vaadin framework) :










      but without any succes :-(


      Really hope someone has allready faced this problem : I don't know where is my mistake


      Any hint, any link, any help would be very appreciated.


      Thanks a lot for your help.