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    Which architecture must be selected? Or - bridge - to be or not to be?

    Yuriy Yudin Newbie

      Hi all,


      please help me to select right approach, as I'm new in JMS. Thanks in advance.


      So, requirements: there are at least two remote computers, which are located in local network, that must interchange messages (with reliably delivery, because local network don't guarantees reliability) between each other. HTTP can be used as a transport and only HTTP (no remote JNDI). What architecture can be selected?


      I see two variants:


      1. Two JMS servers, one on each computer and bridge (or bridges?) between these JMS servers. In that case I don't need remote JNDI look up, as I unserstand. Am I right?


      2. Two JMS servers, one on each computer, but without bridge. Consumers are connecting to remote JMS servers. Can I use in that case only HTTP as a transport?


      Which variant is more preferable and why?