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    how to Create jQuery Tab in Richfaces?

    Ashish Agarwal Newbie

      I am new to richfaces.

      I am not able to find a tutorial following which I can use jQuery Controls in Richfaces. I was trying to follow 2 links

      1. http://blog.bleathem.ca/2011/11/richfaces-4-cdk-jqeury-ui-tabs.html
      2. http://planet.jboss.org/post/richfaces_4_cdk_jqeury_ui_tabs

      Both written by same Author though.

      I also tried to follow http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/jQuery.jsf?c=jQuery&tab=usagebut failed to get expected result


      Can I get any kind of demo code, from where I can understand the whole concept of the jQuery and Richfaces together as a single entity.


      Please help.