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    JBossEsb cluster

    Nicoletta Triolo Newbie

      Hello everybody.

      Reading documentation and this support forum we can't understand if it is possible to invoke service deployed on a node from other node of the cluster (we tried and we cannot) and, secondarily, if is possibile to automatically deploy/undeploy service on all nodes without explicitally copying/deleting .esb on all nodes.


      We hope that, if the environment is properly configured, it is possible for a service to invoke, through routers or service invoker, another service deployed on another node of the cluster. So we configure nodes to use local juddi service sharing a common postgresql database. The problem is that if we browse the juddi database created we cannot find our own jbossesb service. We enable hibernate showSql and our dbms log and all query concerning business service give empty result.

      An example of query is  select businessse0_.entity_key as entity1_6_0_, businessse0_1_.authorized_name as authorized2_6_0_, businessse0_1_.created as created6_0_, businessse0_1_.modified as modified6_0_, businessse0_1_.modified_including_children as modified5_6_0_, businessse0_1_.node_id as node6_6_0_, businessse0_.business_key as business2_13_0_ from j3_business_service businessse0_ inner join j3_uddi_entity businessse0_1_ on businessse0_.entity_key=businessse0_1_.entity_key where businessse0_.entity_key=?


      As I can understand from source code the use of org.jboss.soa.esb.registry.interceptors cause to look only into a local in-memory cache and not into the database. Is it correct? In this case it would be impossible to share service (if it isn't a any cache coherence mechanism).


      The configuration we setup is the following:
      - we installed jbossesb in the jboss "all" configuration on two nodes

      - we edit registry configuration file on all nodes to point to our Postgresql db. The modified file are





      and the database table are corerctly created, but as said above we can't find direct "reference" to our deployed services in their contents.


      We run jboss on the two nodes with the following command :

      $JBOSS_HOME/bin/run.sh -c all -g ${groupname} -u -b ${machine_ip} -Djboss.messaging.ServerPeerID=${id}


      We would like to know whether it is possible to reach our objective or not! And if it is what is the documentation to follow!


      Thanks in advance.