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    Richfaces 4: Styles + Ajax - stop working

    rfernandesbr Newbie



      I'm facing a problem involving styles in richfaces components and ajax.


      Two real examples:


      - I'm using a datatable with <a4j:commandButton> inside. The style of the rows doesn't work. The headers and footers styles are ok, but the rows don't. If I change the <a4j:commandButton> to <h:commandButton> everything works fine.

      - I'm using a <rich:tabPanel> with the argument switchType="Ajax". When I navigate between the tabs the style of the datable rows stops working (the same way that occurs in the example described above). But if I change the argument switchType="Ajax" to switchType="Server" or switchType="Client" everything works fine.


      I believe that can be something related with style loading or rendering. Any ideas?