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    JBoss 7 - Informix JDBC Driver Issue




      I am having trouble setting up an Informix JDBC Driver XA Datasource.  I followed the instructions on http://www.javalinux.it/wordpress/2011/07/14/how-to-create-an-manage-datasources-in-as7/ , but I still can't get JBoss to pickup the datasource.  I can get the mysql setup to work by following the directions, but nothing shows up for Informix. 




      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <module xmlns="urn:jboss:module:1.1" name="com.informix.jdbc">


          <resource-root path="ifxjdbc.jar"/> 

          <resource-root path="ifxjdbcx.jar"/>



          <module name="javax.api"/>






      <driver name="informix" module="com.informix.jdbc">









      The server starts up without errors, but when I check the datasources ([standalone@localhost:9999 /] /subsystem=datasources:installed-drivers-list), the Informix datasources doesn't show up.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          If you install the module (without changeing the standalone.xml) do you see that the module is started within the logfile?

          What logmessages do you see if you add teh DS to standalone.xml?

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            I just experienced the same issue and while searching i got this forum thread.Yesterday i just fixed the above issue its because the jar files

            • ifxjdbc.jar
            • ifxjdbcx.jar

            Jar files path :  D:\jboss-as-7.1.1.Final\modules\com\informix\main\

            Extract the jar  ifxjdbc.jar (using winrar) you will get below folders

            • com
            • META-INF
            • org

            Please open META-INF folder and add "services" folder inside that you just add a file named "java.sql.Driver" inside this just specify the driver class path like this "com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver" and insert the same it to the jar file just drag the service folder to the jar file opened in the winrar


            In the same way just add same file with class name "com.informix.jdbcx.IfxXADataSource"


            After inserting the files in the both jars and deploy it once more then the driver will list.